Beginner’s Guide To Google AdSense

google adsense for beginners


Affiliate marketing is the proven and excellent way of monetizing your blog/website. But many of the popular websites uses Google AdSense as a supplement to monetize their website. The best thing about Google AdSense is that it can only increase your income without affecting affiliate sales.

Advertisers pay Google to run ads and then Google will pay you if you put these ads on your website/blog and users click on the ads to visit. It is called PPC (Pay Per Click)

Many people who owns a website or a blog still ask the question: “what is Google AdSense ?” or “how do i get started with Google AdSense ?”
There are so many blogs that allow their writer to use their own AdSense in their articles but it turns out that some of them still do not know what AdSense is and skip the opportunity that may generate some income for them.

So What is Google AdSense ?

Advertisers pay Google to run ads and if they chose to show ads on Google’s Display Network then their ads will show up on participating websites.

Usually all the ads are owned by the owner of the website or blog but in some cases a multi author blogs/website allows their author to use their own ads in their articles

You must own the website when applying for AdSense but once approved you can use your AdSense for multiple sites that you do not even own

In old days getting approval from Google AdSense use to be easy, I vividly remember when I only use to enter URL of any website and used to get approved but nowadays it is very difficult to get approval and even after approval Google takes you through second level of verification which is used to make sure that you are the owner of the website on which you are opting to run ads.

Google’s requirements has significantly changed over the years and now Google states that you must own the domain of the website that is used during the application process. But once approved you can use your AdSense on different websites (which remains the good thing!)

You may get through the application process if you know someone that owns a website and allows you to get through but at some point Google will stop allowing certain domains. It looks like that Google seems to have a goal that the user applying AdSense must own at least one website.

Buy a cheap domain name (from Namecheap or GoDaddy) and use it with a free website hosting service such as Blogger or Weebly and get approved for AdSense. If you are looking for Hosting service Bluehost is the best in the business.

It is very easy and simple to get your own domain name and start your own website and you can get done in cheap. You do not have to buy hosting service even though it is super cheap nowadays (checkout our top hosting services best and cheap). You can get very cheap domain for $10-$15 on GoDaddy maybe even cheaper (leave comment to get Coupon) and build a free website on Blogger or, attach your bought domain to your website then you can get your AdSense approval

You have to be careful when choosing a free website creation service because some of them might now allow you to attach a domain to your website or may now allow to run AdSense, an example of that would be free hosted website.

Once you have a website start publishing unique and awesome high value contents. Stick to the basics and include a contact, about and privacy policy page (Google tend to ban sites without privacy policy page).

Good thing about Google AdSense is that you can re-apply if you get rejected. Follow the advice that Google gives you for rejection and re-apply. There are no limits to possibilities, even if Google bans your website you can re-apply for another domain and website.

What types of ads are displayed in ad slots and how do I generate income from it?

This might be a bit boring if you are not curious about what type of ads are displayed in ad slots on your website, so skip this and move on.

Google gives you the ability to customize the size, color of ads, whether to display text ads, link ads or animated ads. You also have the ability to block certain ads. Other than just ads you can also use custom search provided by AdSense.

There are few different things that can happen as far as type of ads that show up. One is that Google determines what the content is about surrounding the ad and displays the related ad or another way is Google tracks the user through cookies and targets them to a previously visited site. This only happens when the advertiser of that previous website has paid for retargeting and the third is for advertisers to run ads in specific ad slots on a specific web pages. There are other ways as well but I have discussed the ones I am fully aware of.

Important !

When user click on your ads you get paid for each click (generally known as PPC – pay per click). Make sure you do not click your own ads, Google is smart and they will know, your website may end up getting blacklisted or Google may penalize you.

Google AdSense is the top PPC (pay per click) Network.

Google AdSense Tracking !

You can keep a track of your ads. Create an “ad channel” that will help you determine the performance of your ads attached to the channel you have created. Also connect your website to Google Analytics that will help you keep the track of your performance overall.

I personally do not create channels and use the basic Google AdSense interface to check how many clicks my ads received etc. Checkout screenshot from Google AdSense mobile application. I think this much information is enough for me.


Finally, Let’s get Started. To Apply For AdSense You Can Use Your Gmail Account !

To apply you need to have your own domain and website setup already. Now you can use your Gmail account for applying.

Application process may take up to a week but generally they respond within a day or two. Be patient !.

Google will have a look at your website and after that they will notify you whether you qualify or not. Now you can place your AdSense code on your website. If it is initially black and does not show up anything do not worry.

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  1. an excellent alternative to google adsense is Adtomatik, I’ve been using for the last two months and got very good results. They give me most suitable advice about the monetization strategy and offer modern digital solutions such as: In-image ads, Native ads, Among Others.

  2. When I started my blog I have read a lot about Google AdSense and how to make money from it?

    But after getting engaged with blogging it feels amazing and money is not the only concern.

    I haven’t put any ad at my blog yet.

    There are many bloggers who just think to manipulate Google for making some dollars. But in real sense they are temporary.

    Having Google AdSense ads is the way to make money if do hard work to drive traffic at our blog.

    Patience is what beginners need.


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