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best_android_keyboardBest Android Keyboard 2014

I am one of those geeks who try several things and then reach to the conclusion. Same thing with android keyboard. I use Note 3 and was never satisfied with Samsung’s default keyboard. I started looking for a keyboard, yeah i did search for best android keyboard but didn’t find any satisfiable answer but i did find awesome keyboard that suited all my needs so i thought of sharing it with others.


After days of experimenting with different keyboard i tried Flesky and yes it is the best yet. The features of this application is overwhelming. You can literally type with invisible keyboard. Check out the video to get blown away !


Flesky indeed is the fastest keyboard in the world and they recently broke their own world record.¬† Flesky’s powerful autocorrect function has made it break the world record. I have used several keyboard but this has given me the most comfortable and most accurate typing experience.

Apart from its awesome autocorrect feature, Flesky has about 600 Emoji’s, Colorful themes, powerful gestures, cloud personalization and many more.

One feature i have loved the most is invisible typing. I have seen people blown away when i type with invisible keyboard and autocorrect does the job of correct the words for me. And honestly with invisible keyboard i didn’t make many mistakes as compared to my Samsung’s keyboard or Swift keyboard.

Give it a try you probably won’t look back. Flesky offers 30 day full featured free trial. You try it before you buy it :). Check it out today !

Try for 30 days ! Flesky Free

I love it and it is the best android keyboard ! what do you think about Flesky ? Leave comments below.


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