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Images can tell stories in a glimpse which can take endless paragraph on a page. It also attracts more readers and certainly increases the quality of your posts.

Question is how do you find images for your website? Surely you can use Google images and other sources but the problem remains that you cannot be sure if the photo is copyrighted or if you have the right to use that image on your website. You can buy photos but they can be expensive and in some cases it does not worth your money especially if you are starting up your career as a blogger.

So here is the list of website where you can get free stock images. When you download photos from any of these website make sure you check the license and credit the author.



When I am looking for images the first place I go to is Unsplash. The best thing I like is you don’t have to worry about copyrights. All images are under Creative Commons. The only drawback I see is they do not have search tool to find images quickly



Creative Commons


The search tool includes options to look for images available for commercial purposes, and images that are available to modify, adapt or build upon.

Search tool offers you the option to look for images for commercial use or images that you can modify.



IM Free has a collection of free images and all are for commercial use. They do have wide range of categories.

The images may come from third party sources like Flickr so make sure you check the license.



Pixbay has all the images for free with no copyright restrictions. All images are covered under Creative Commons public domain. This license lets you copy,modify, distribute and use the images without attribution.



picjumbo offers free images for personal and commercial use. They have wide range of category and their search tool is easy to use. You can easily filter the image you are looking for.

They do have premium member section as well. In premium section you get unpublished photos.



Gratisography offers high-res collection for free. You can use it for personal and commercial projects. All images are free of any copyright restrictions. One drawback is that website does not have search function.



Picography is free of copyright restrictions and offers beautiful, natural-looking photos. The website lacks search function.

Public Domain Archive


Public Domain Archive offers free free stock images. They update free images archive weekly. The website has categories which allows to filter out the images you are looking for.

Good Free Photos

good_free_photosGood Free Photos is a gallery of thousands of unique and you can use it for commercial and personal purpose. All images are listed under public domain license which means you can modify, distribute it without any copyright issues.


PhotoRack is also listed under public domain license. You can use images for commercial and personal purpose. They have wide variety of categories and it is easy to find images.


GoodStockPhotos has wide range of category but most images are of natural scenes. Their search category bar and search function gives accessibility to find images easily. All images are free to use with no copyright restrictions.


Skitterphoto offers high quality images for free. All images are license free and allowed to use for commercial and personal use. The website lacks search function although their category may give you some level of accessibility.

Final Thoughts

Whatever kind of image you’re look for, there is a plethora of free resources available to help you build your site.

There are plenty for free resources available for whatever image kind you’re looking for so giving up is not an option. I have listed the websites i use and they are good with free hi-res images perfect for me to use on my websites.

Bookmark this page. Feel free to comment if you think i have missed some websites. I will add it in the list. Don’t forget to share this. Leave comments !


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