Best WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

Best WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

Best WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

WhatsApp is definitely the most used messaging app. It is popular on several platforms like Android, iOS, Symbian as well as Java OS. You can communicate with friends and share your favorite videos, images and stuff all day long for free, you only need to have an internet connection and who of us does not have that on our phones. Estimated number of active WhatsApp users (at the time of writing this article) are 400 million. Here are some tips and tricks that will surely be useful to you if you use WhatsApp.

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Register WhatsApp Without Your Mobile Number

If you want to activate WhatsApp account without your own number. Using this trick you can activate WhatsApp account using a fake number.

Note: Restoring your message is not possible unless you are activating WhatsApp using other device. For info post a comment below.

  • Uninstall WhatsApp (if you have it already installed)
  • Reinstall WhatsApp
  • Change your phone to Flight Mode
  • Open WhatsApp & add your number to it. It will not be able to send the message to the server and it will ask you to choose an alternative method to verify.
  • Chose verify through message, fill up your email address and click on send, don’t wait and click cancel quickly, this will terminate the authorization.
  • Install the message Spoof text message for Android and Fake- a- Message for iPhone.
  • Spoofing method: Go to your Outbox -> Copy the message details to Spoof app -> Send it to spoofed verification.
  • Use the following details.
    To: +447900347295
    From: +[Country code][mobile number]
    Message: Your email address
  • Message will be sent through that spoofed number. Voila ! You can use this number to connect with your friends.

Backup and Restore WhatsApp Chats

Best WhatsApp Tips & Tricks
Although WhatsApp makes an automatic backup of your chats, but you can make manual backups as well.

  • For Android, just go into Settings > Chat settings and tap Backup conversations to create a backup.
  • For iOS, Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup, then click Backup Now
    This option will not backup your media files
  • So you will need to use a file manager to backup the media files in /sdcard/WhatsApp/Media on your mobile.
  • There’s no way to restore chats using WhatsApp, so if you want to restore a backup just uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.
  • After reinstalling WhatApp will prompt you with the restore option.

Send files of other Extensions like Zip, Rar, PDF

Best WhatsApp Tips & Tricks
WhatsApp doesn’t support to send files other than audio and video formats. But if you use additional aps like Cloud Send you can send PDFs, APKs, Word, PowerPoint documents and much more using WhatsApp.

Whats Packed 2 Ads can also be used to send any file of any size via WhatsApp. But the app needs to be installed on the receivers end as well.

Disable WhatsApp Auto Image Download

Auto image download is annoying for some and for others it just wastes the data. Sometimes you just don’t want to download images, videos or voice notes but auto download forces the download and in return you have lost a bit of memory as well as data (it’s a big problem if your data is not unlimited). This tip will help you disable auto download.

Best WhatsApp Tips & Tricks
Settings > Chat Settings > Media Auto Download. Select an option you think best for you. Disable auto download completely by choosing No Media for all options.

Change Your Friend’s Profile Picture

Play a prank on your friends by changing their profile pic into your WhatsApp. Follow these steps.

  • Choose a picture for your friend. (Tip: Use Google Image search to find image of your liking)
  • Resize the image to 561×561 pixels. Use Paint or Photoshop. Save the image as your friend’s mobile phone number.
  • Save the image on SD>> WhatsApp >> Profile Pictures. (Overwrite the existing file.)
  • Disable internet connection. (If you don’t then WhatsApp will automatically update the picture.)
  • Show your WhatsApp to your friend or take a screenshot, save it and send it to your friend.

Create Fake/Chat Conversation

Play a prank on your friends by creating a fake WhatsApp conversation.
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Best WhatsApp Tips & Tricks
Note: Please do not use it in a negative way to hurt or harm someone.

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