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Best Wordpress SEO Plugin

best_wordpress_seoBest WordPress SEO Plugin

Are you tired of so many wordpress seo plugins out there that you are not able to make your mind which one to use ? Don’t worry i will list the two tried and tested seo plugin. But i assure you if you use any of these two you do not need to look further. Let’s check out the best wordpress seo plugin.

I myself have been through a lot of trouble looking for seo plugin that works perfectly. I found it so i though of sharing it with others who are looking for.

1. All in One SEO 

all_in_one_seo (2)

There are two version available paid and free. I use the free one and it works fine for me. If you want the pro stuff and you think you need it then go for it.


The most exciting feature is Meta Title, Meta keywords and Meta description. After installation. This module is embedded right below create post/add post.

Here is the complete guide on All In One SEO.

2. WordPress SEO By Yoast


Yoast SEO

Same as above free and paid version are available. This is one of the most popular plugin. It does have so many extra feature that All in One SEO does not. But i will say it’s only useful if you know what you are getting into.

wordpress seo by yoast

Final Words

I personally use All in One SEO and i love it. I did give WordPress SEO by yoast  a try and it was too confusing for me. I will surely look into it later and will post review on it. If you are looking for best and easy to use SEO then go with All in One SEO. The free version will suffice. Do leave comments and share the article. Thanks for reading.


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