Block Ads Android – Ads and Pop-ups on Youtube and Android ? Get Rid Of It

Block ads on android

block_ads_androidBlock Ads Android – Get Rid Of Ads and Pop-ups on Android

Are you tired of ads on your android device. Ads appear everywhere from YouTube, webpages, applications to crazy pop up ads which has ruined your life. No worries. Try this app and you will be free from all this for sure. Note: Phone must be rooted in order for application to work.
There are literally many applications claiming to be pop up blocker on Android. I have tried many free android app but none worked for me. But i was surprized to see AdBlock Plus on android. I have been using this plugin for years with my Firefox browser and it’s perfect.

I finally installed it on my Android device and voila ! The crazy ads on youtube, browser and pop up in apps were gone. Just perfect ! Try now

Download the application –> AdBlock

If you want to root your phone. Leave a comment with model number and brand of your phone. I will get back to you.

Final Words

This is the best application available for android device as well as PC. I have covered PC in a different article though. You will not regret using this app. If i helped you or you liked my article please share and also leave a comment. Thank you !



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