Everything You Need to Know About the Deep Web | Infographic


Everything You Need to Know About the Deep WebSince Edward Snowden blew the whistle that NSA is gathering information without the consent of privacy, the digiral privacy movement has taken huge strides. I have always known deep down that we are being watched, but none of us knew the extent of it until Edward Snowden’s leak.


Like facebook, government listen to every call, see every email and access every application in order to keep us safe from physical harm but the problem is we can opt out of Facebook (Yes you can, just delete your facebook profile and they won’t be able to gather data)

Although there is a workaround to opt of of government snooping and it is 100% legal. It is called deep web, using a dedicated browser which is commonly known as TOR, users can access the deep web. These users are completely anonymous. Deep web is predominately used for illegal activities but it exists  and we have right to our privacy.

Everything You Need to Know About the Deep Web

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    Awesome infographic! It’s perfectly legal but there are some very questionable people lurking on the deep web.