GTA V Patch Fix – Works 100%

GTA V Patch Fix

GTA V Patch Fix

Hi guys, If you are having issue with installing the patch and you get the freaking same error over and over again and your download starts again from 0. No worries. I will give you an awesome tip which will fix this issue.

I am already excited for GTA V. Just received my copy few days ago. As of currently I am in India so after installation it asked me to download DLC worth of 5+ GB so i couldn’t play. So i had to sit in Cafe Coffee Day and download 5 freakin gigabyte using Vodafone 3G, which is by the way best telecom provider in India. Tried everything but Vodafone hits 5MBPS constantly. After the download completed i received another request for 352MB of Patch which i downloaded thrice over and over again and received the same freaking error. Then I started looking for fixes and found some weird ones :p. Well the main problem is that we installed GTA V in a different location than the default one which caused the problem. But no worries fix is here. And it will take a minute.


  1. Click Start and type regedit.exe
  2. Navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V]
  3. Make sure your  “InstallFolder” has the correct pointer to your GTA V folder.
  4. add strings, just right click on a blank space and use new->string value, then modify that string value to 1033 or 1.0.323.1

And install the Patch now. It will work. I promise 🙂

If you are tired of downloading again and again. Their is a temporary patch file which is saved after download (if you haven’t restarted the download you will find the file in the temp folder)

Click start and type %temp% the folder will open and find patch file.


I hope this helps.



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