Hide Affiliate Links And Make It Pretty (Video Guide Included)

hide affiliate links

hide_affiliate_links Hide Your Affiliate Links

I have already discussed how affiliate links has negative impacts on your website’s SEO and also talked about one of the best plugin on how to hide your affiliate links.

In this post i will guide you step by step to Install and configure GoCodes to hide your affiliate links and make it look pretty !

Install GoCodes Plugin

    1. Navigate to plugins => Add new
    2. Search for the GoCodes
    3. Confirm GoCodes WordPress plugin by Matt Harzewski (redwall_hp) from the search results.
    4. Then click install & activate plugin.


How to configure GoCodes WordPress Plugin?

Navigate to Settings > GoCodes
At here, you can change the default URL trigger “go” code to any custom name you like. I use the “recommended”. You must check nofollow box is checked. Nofollow tells the search engine not to influence the ranking of the url you are linking to.


Now let’s see how we can cloak/hide our affiliate link and make it look pretty and branded. 🙂

Navigate to Tools > GoCodes


Redirect Key: Custom name of the affiliate link you are linking to. So for example you’re linking to premiumthemes so put that in.
Target URL: Your affiliate URL (Yes the ugly one)

You can check mark “Yes, track the number of times this redirect is used” so you can see how many times user has clicked on your particular affiliate link.


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