How To Download Videos From Facebook On Phone ?

download video from facebook on phone

download video from facebook on phone
Facebook is nothing new but what has changed is the amount of videos shared on Facebook. Like me, I am sure you have come across several videos that you might want to download directly on your phone. Downloading from PC and it’s nothing new but in this age when we use our mobile device for pretty much anything we do on PC, there must be a way to download videos from Facebook on phone. Well, no worries i have experimented thoroughly and figured out few ways of downloading from Facebook directly to your phone. Let’s jump right into the topic.

Of course there are some websites that helps you to download videos from facebook but if you are using Facebook application it can be a pain to get the link of the video. In this post I am not going to talk about crappy methods like that.

Do not start downloading everything with the name Facebook video downloader from playstore because most of them contains malware.

Go to PlayStore and look for “Video Downloader For Facebook” by XCS Technologies

download video from facebook on phoneInstructions : How to Download ?

  1. Run Application from Menu

    facebook video downloader 1

  2. When you touch Sign in with Facebook it will open your Facebook application and might ask for authorization.

    download video from facebook on phone

  3. Voila! That’s pretty much it. You can change the destination of saving videos by going to settings.

    download video from facebook on phone

download video from facebook on phone

Now you can easily download videos and save them on your phone.

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