How to Get Your Blog Post Indexed Super Fast

How to Get Your Blog Post Indexed Super Fast

How to Get Your Blog Post Indexed Super Fast
After you have spent hours on finding the topic of your post, doing research, writing and finding relevant images then optimizing it for SEO. Still you find Google didn’t index your post. Here’s few ways to get your blog post get indexed super fast.

How to Get Your Blog Post Indexed Super Fast


How to Get Your Blog Post Indexed Super FastI decided to write a detailed post to give you the tips to get your blog post get indexed super fast in any search engine including Google.

Write Quality Content

How to Get Your Blog Post Indexed Super FastWriting quality content is one of the most talked about strategy to get attention from search engines. This is indeed the first step to get your post indexed fast.

  • Do not copy contents from other websites. Write your own content.
  • Write long posts, containing at least 500+ words.

Build Quality Backlinks

How to Get Your Blog Post Indexed Super Fast
Building backlinks is an important part of optimizing your blog, SEO which in return results in higher traffic. .

Try building backlinks from high page rank websites. Some common ways to build backlinks.

  • Write Guest Post (Write for FroshGeek)
  • Forums
  • Internal Blog Linking
  • Commenting
  • Submit RSS feed to directories

Stop Sign

Do not use backlinks services like hiring someone to create backlinks on fiverr or other websites. You might get good traffic but it will be temporarily and there are high chances of Google penalizing you.

Use Social Networks

Using of social media is really important to get attention and traffic. If you use it smartly and wisely you can end up getting heaps of quality traffic.

“You will not get attention unless you promote it and today in this age when social network has become an essential part of everyday life, it is indeed the best platform for promoting your post and get attention.” – Share Blog Posts On Social Networks Automatically


Google+ : Believe it or not Google+ is an awesome way of getting attention. Try getting more +1 on your post.

Facebook : Who of us can deny the importance of Facebook. Facebook can help you drive more traffic and get your post indexed super fast.

Twitter : Try getting followers, use hashtags smartly when you tweet your next post.

You can also connect with other bloggers and webmasters and ask them for exchange, your share theirs and they will share yours.

Google indexes social media websites constantly and any link leading to your blog/website through social networks will get your post indexed quickly.

Blog Commenting

CommentPosting comments on high quality content on other websites can be a great for two things, it will not only get you backlink but will also help you in getting high PageRank.

Avoid posting short comments like “Thanks”, “Nice post”, “Thanks for posting” etc. If you know a bit background about the content post a nice comment sharing your views, if you don’t know then read the content before posting a comment.

Ping Tool

Ping ToolsYou have probably heard this term for internet. So don’t be surpirzed. It can be used in a same way so it updates different search engine that your blog has been updated.

Go to Ping-O-MatricEnter your Blog Name, URL and feed URL
Select all services and click Send Ping

Update Ping List (Only Applicable to WordPress Users)

Yes, pining is important for your blog. As i said earlier that Ping service lets the search engines know that your blog has been updated.

Here is a way, how to update ping list in few seconds.

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard/admin panel
  2. Settings >> Writing
  3. Look for Update Service section
  4. Delete everything you see there. Download my list from below, open it, copy and paste all the links into the text area.
  5. Click Save Changes


Voila !

Last WordsNext time when you publish, follow the tips i have given you. You will get more traffic from Google. Make sure that you share your posts on Google+, i have personally seen the great benefits of sharing a post on G+.

For questions and  suggestions, leave your valuable comments. Don’t forget to share this.



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