How To Hide Affiliate Links On WordPress

hide affiliate links


I have already talked about how affiliate links has negative impact for your SEO. There are many plugins available to do the job for you but there is one particular plugin which is very easy to use and even if you are a newbie it can get you up and running in no time.

When i first started blogging and using affiliate links i myself suffered from the negative consequences and had a hard time finding an appropriate easy to use plugin to hide my affiliate links. After using several plugins i found out GoCodes to be the best and easy to use plugin. I decided of sharing it so you don’t have to suffer looking for a perfect plugin.

You may have heard about Pretty Links if not then i am telling you, Pretty links is also good and they have two version paid and free. But i prefer this one specially if you’re a beginner and once you start making profit from your blog you can move to Pretty Links Pro.

Get it Here : GoCodes

I highly recommend this plugin because it will make ugly affiliate links look pretty and the best thing is it will not have negative impact on your SEO.

For example:

So suppose you have an affiliate link for ClickBank you can make it look pretty using GoCodes like this

For Complete Installation Guide On GoCodes Go Here : Complete Guide To Install And Configure GoCodes

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