How To Install Windows 7,8 or 8.1 From USB Drive

install windows from usb

Installing Windows from CD/DVD is slow and get annoying at times if the disc is corrupted or have minor scratches that slows down the speed even more. But now we have a solution for all this problem and that is installing Windows using a flash drive. Installation is lightning fast specially with USB 3.0 interface.

I remember installing Windows XP using a flash drive back in 2010 and i was fascinated how easy it was to install OS and it took me 15 minutes instead of 60 minutes. Now i never install any OS without USB drive. I hate installing OS using a disc because its slow and sometimes gets complicated. So i am sharing this information so you can also get past from installing OS using disc.


There are many applications to create a bootable USB device and i have used many of them and found that some of them can be really complicated and get technical. Microsoft has released their own application called Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.

I know the name sounds like it only works for Windows 7 but that’s not true. I have tested with Windows 8 and it works well. Although for Windows 8.1 you will have to use Rufus. Microsoft tool does not work with Windows 8.1.
You need:

  • Flash drive of 4GB for 32bit, 8GB for 64bit version of Windows.
  • You will need an ISO file of the disc or Operating System that you want to install ( Create ISO of your disc using a free software ISO Creator )

Steps to Install Windows 7/ Windows 8

  1. Download and Install Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool
  2. Browse the location of Windows ISO fileWindows USB Tool
  3. Select USB device.Windows USB Tool
  4. Select USB device or External HDD, the one you intends to copy setup files one.Windows USB Tool
  5. Be patient and if everything goes as is supposed to then you will get a message “Files copied successfully…”Windows USB Tool
  6. Now you just need to boot your PC using USB. Make sure you select USB in BIOS or change the order to primary boot device. (If you selected “Erase USB device” then USB boot won’t work on old computers as they do not support NTFS boot. To overcome this problem format your USB using FAT32 file system and then use the tool without using “Erase USB device” option.

If you have problems using Microsoft’s tool refer to their FAQ guide here. For any other trouble, leave a comment to get a solution.


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