How To Make A Better Website or Blog ?

How To Make A Better Website or Blog ?

How To Make A Better Website or Blog ?
For your blog to get ranked well, you need traffic and for that you need great blog/website as well as quality content. I have read several articles and they claim not to waste time on the design of the website. I respectfully disagree with this. In my experience better website design gets more attention compared to the one which is poorly designed. Although, you should not waste time doing fancy stuff. It’s only the basics of design that needs to be done right.

Here are some basics that should get you going to build

A better blog or website.

1. Logo Design

Your Logo
After you have a blueprint of your blog or website like you have finalized the niche you are going to concentrate. Then you should start thinking about your logo carefully as it is going to represent your website/blog. Searching for logos online can’t be an option for you, if you are trying to stand out and represent your brand. Few tips to get your logo under budget

Watch Photoshop logo tutorials on YouTube and make yourself a one.

Hire someone on Fiverr for just 5 dollar.

2. Quality Content

Quality Content
Without a doubt, quality of content is essential for any blog/website if they want to survive. Without quality you won’t get good quantity of traffic. Your content should not be copied from other blogs or websites because Google will penalize you and you will stop getting organic traffic. Plan and research your topic then start writing your own unique content. Remember, most search engines are smart so if they recognize your work as copied you will be penalized.

3. Frequency of Posts

Frequency PostsMake sure you post regularly. If you want to make a fan base and establish yourself as a good source of information on your niche then you need to be regular and probably increase frequency of your posts. The other problem is if you take long breaks between posts then Google Penguin will reduce traffic on your website. You just cannot sit back for a month after writing a post.

4. Attentive Headings

Headings are one thing that also attracts readers to read the content below. That’s why use of heading and subheading is essential. Heading tags like H1, H2, H3 also helps your SEO and in optimizing the posts for search engines.

5. Keywords

KeywordsKeywords are the most important ingredient for your posts if you want your posts to get picked up search engines and get ranked. It is important to cleverly use keyword in post title, headings, content, tags, and url.

6. Internal Links/ Related Post

Internal Linking
This may not sound important to you but it is a great way to optimize your blog’s/website’s SEO. It also decreases bounce rate as well as keeps your readers engaged if your put your links cleverly in your content and link one post to another.

7. Favicon

Make your blog/website standout from crowd by creating favicon for your blog/website.
You can create Favicon using these websites

Favicon Generator
favicon.ico Generator

8. Featured Images

FeaturedFor a long time I didn’t give much importance to featured image but as we moved with internet age, it certainly became important. Featured images are useful when you share posts on social networks.

Last WordsHope this post benefited you. If you have any questions do leave comments below and don’t forget to share this.


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