How To Start An Event Based Niche Blog For Beginner’s

how to make money with niche based event


Hi, today i am going to post about how to start an event based niche blog and this is noob friendly. There are a lot of bloggers who make if not thousand then hundreds of dollar through event based blogs. Lets go into detail on how to create one.

What is Event based Site?

Event based site targets massive number of visitors and unique visitors on event dates, These blogs are short term and you can get rid of it as soon as event is over.You can easily make money online with huge profits through search engines like Good,Bing and Yahoo.


How to Start Event based site?

Start with a little research of keywords using Google keyword planner for the upcoming event. These events either can be any festival or a sporting event like Christmas or Soccer World Cup


    Try choosing title of the blog related to event.
    Take care of Quality of the content.
    Do backlinks to your own website.


Choose a platform for your event

I will suggest choosing blogger over wordpress because it does require any hosting also if your blog draws huge traffic you don’t have to worry about time out as Google servers will take care of it.


Choose user friendly theme

Always use free or premium theme. Do not use nulled theme as it contains malicious code which will only harm your blog and Google may decrease traffic on your blog.

Create Posts related to the event.

Make BackLinks/ Link Building

Make high quality backlinks. Make sure not to make too many backlinks as Google may penalize you. Around 3000 is alright. Make backlinks through comments, directory submission, sharing on social networks.


Do off page and on page seo on your blog or if you don’t know then try to learn from Google. Make sure SEO is important to rank high in Google.

Monetize Your Website

I will suggest using Google AdSense. It pays well or check out Top High Paying CPC/PPC


Final Words:

Contact me if you have got any more questions. I would be happy to help you. Well Done


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