How To Submit Your Website To Google, Bing & Yahoo|Boost Reach & Traffic

submit your website to yahoo, bing and google

submit your website to yahoo, bing and google

Your website must first gets indexed before getting ranked in search engines. Although search engines are smart and they start crawling your website once it is live. Even though there are a lot of people who struggle to get their website indexed. So, to ensure that your website gets indexed fast you must submit your website URL to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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How to Submit Your Website URL to Google?

After adding the website, Google will crawls throughout your website and add it to index, it also updates the index. So if your website is already indexed but you made a new post and Google has not indexed it you can just go and submit your URL to Google.

  1. Go to Google Submit URL
  2. Log In Using your Gmail Id
  3. Add your Website URL and click on “Submit Request” (Only submit your homepage url, Google will crawl the rest of your posts and pages)

Now, your website will be submitted for indexing and will be Google search result shortly.

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How to Submit Your Website URL to Yahoo?

  1. Go to Yahoo Submit URL
  2. Click “submit your site for free” it will take you to Bing webmaster tools
  3. Log In with your Microsoft account
  4. In Dashboard, on the right side you will see “Add A Site”
  5. Add your site.

How to Submit Your Website URL to Bing?

This process is same as submission for Google.

  1. Go to Bing Submit URL
  2. Type the URL of your homepage (eg.
  3. Click on Submit

Now your site will be included in Bing search engine soon.

Hope this helped you in submitting your website to Google, Yahoo and Bing. One important thing is that just be patient your website will be added to index.

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