How To Transfer Domain Name ? Step-by-Step

how to transfer domain?

how to transfer domain?If you are into blogging as a business you might have created multiple accounts to get benefit of discount coupons for purchasing domain but you wish that you could have all the domain in a single account for easy management. There could be other reasons like you want to sell the domain to someone else or just gift it to your friend. In this post I will guide you step by step on how to transfer domain from GoDaddy.

Transfer domain from one account to another on GoDaddy

  1. Login your account on GoDaddy
  2. Click on the launch button (see image below)
    domain launch
  3. Click “Account Change” (see image below)
    Account change
  4. Enter email address linked to another GoDaddy account
  5. If the person has GoDaddy account you are transferring domain to then click on “I have the recipient’s customer acccount#/username” else just enter the email address.
    Account change
  6. Now, you need to enter the details of the new registrant or if you have username or customer id then you can select “use details…customer account” or else if you don’t have any of it then chose “Do not change”
  7. If you want to retain the nameservers then check mark “keep the current nameservers for this domain(s), if you don’t select it then the domain will be parked.
  8. Click Next and fill in new contact details
  9. Check mark if you agree with terms and conditions.
  10. Click Next. That’s it.

Important Points You Should Know Before Transferring Domain

  • Some services associated with the domain will get cancelled when you transfer the domain to another account. An example of that would be that email and private registration service will be cancelled upon transfer.
  • ICANN rules apply a period of lockdown for 60 days if you buy a domain from one registrar and transfer it to another. Lockdown prevents you from transferring domain to another account or registrar for a period of 60 days.

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