How To Setup All In One SEO Plugin On WordPress

all in one seo step by step guide


All In One SEO Plugin Step-by-Step Guide

All in One SEO is definitely one of the popular SEO plugins and i have posted an article on Best WordPress SEO Plugin and included this plugin. I myself use All in One SEO pugin on FroshGeek. WordPress All in One SEO has more than 15 million downloads.

Often user think that simply installing the plugin will help their blog/website’s SEO but this is not true. There are some additional steps that you will have to take to get maximum benefit from this plugin. In this article i will show you recommended settings and how you can effectively use the plugin to maximize the SEO benefits. Check out WordPress All in One SEO step-by-step guide.

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First thing you need is to install and activate All in One SEO plugin


  1. Upload the ad-injection folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory (or just use the WordPress plugin installer to do it for you). The plugin must be in a folder called ‘ad-injection’. So the main plugin file will be at /wp-content/plugins/ad-injection/ad-injection.php OR on the sidebar hover your mouse over Plugins then select Add New then search for All In One SEO, once you see this click Install
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Follow the instructions below.

After installation you will see the plugin on the sidebar of your WordPress admin.

all in one seo guide

Setup All In One SEO Plugin

Let’s start setting up the plugin. Go to All in One SEO >> general Settings. Check mark the first option “Canonical URLs”, if it has been already checked then leave it like that. Canonical URLs are the permanent links of individual articles. By default in wordpress, single post is displayed on several locations such as homepage, archives, category pages, tags pages, author page. Publishing full article on all pages creates duplicate content for which Google may penalize so the way to avoid this is by specifying a Canonical URL for each post.


Home Page Settings

Below General Settings you will see Home Page Settings. Make Home Title catchy and use your most important keywords in the title. If you leave this blank then All in One SEO plugin will use the default title that is set by WordPress. Whether you use this plugin for the home title or wordpress’s one make sure it is catchy and contains your website/blog main keywords.

All in One SEO plugin

In Home Description field, provide a brief description of your website. Make sure to keep it under 160 Characters and try to focus description using your main keywords. Great number of people make the mistake of cluttering the description with too many keywords which does not make sense and difficult to read. Do not make the mistake of using too many keywords.  5 to 10 keywords are sufficient. If you leave this field blank then All in One SEO will not use them on your homepage. If you want to get maximum benefits then you must not leave the description blank.

Keyword Settings

All in One SEO pluginThe keywords section allows you to specify how you want the plugin to handle meta keywords for your posts and pages. You can manually add keywords for posts and pages which is what i do and i am going to cover that later in this article. You can allow this plugin to automatically use tags,categories as keywords. The last option “Dynamically Generate Keywords for Posts Page:” is applicable only if you are using static homepage. So only check mark it if you are using a static homepage otherwise uncheck it. If you are unsure then uncheck it as well. Personally i disable this field and use manual keywords,

Title Settings

Each page generated by WordPress has a title. Title settings allows to set the default title templates for every page generated by WordPress. First option “Rewrite Titles” allows All in One SEO plugin to rewrite titles. It is enabled by default. It’s better to leave this setting as is.

All in One SEO plugin

You can modify how your title appears by changing the predefined tages used for different page titles. I will recommend leaving them as it is.

Note: Google usually alter page titles, so don’t be surprised if your title on the page and on Google are different.

Webmaster Verification

Here you will add webmaster verification code provided by Google, Bing or Pinterest to verify that you are the owner of the website. To improve your website’s SEO you should sign up for Google Webmaster Tools as well as Bing Webmaster Tools. One of the benefit of doing this is that search engines will notify you when there is something wrong with your website. You can also use these tools to keep tracking of your website’s performance and plan your content strategy to improve your website’s SEO.

All in One SEO plugin

Google Settings

In this section you can enter your Google Plus profile URL to add Google verified authorship. After adding your Google Plus profile here you must to go your Google+ profile about page and add your site in the contributors section.
This will display author profile link and picture next to your search results which can make your search result stand out from the crowd.
You should also add your Google Analytics ID for your website, and All in One SEO plugin will automatically add your Google Analytics code to your site.

Noindex Settings

All in One SEO plugin

NoIndex Settings section allows you to disable indexing of category and archive pages by search engines. SEO experts believes that this is a duplicate content and it is better not to index these pages.  I will recommend that you uncheck categories. Disabling indexing may also be use for pages like Privacy Policy which does contain content which may be similar to other website’s privacy policy.


Advanced Settings

I will leave these settings to default and would not touch anything but if you want to learn more about these settings. Check it out here

Optimize Posts & Pages with All in One SEO plugin

As i said above that All in One SEO plugin adds meta box in wordpress in post/page create/edit screen. When i myself started using this plugin i was confused about how to use this properly. Often many beginner’s go though questions like “what kind of title should i use” or “how to chose keywords”. These are things that there is nothing to be worry about. I usually leave the title blank as it uses the original from the post/page title except sometimes. You should use the keywords based on the focus of your post/page. If you have learned about keywords and title in the past then there is nothing to worry about as the basic concept remains the same.


I enter description and keywords for every single post and page that i create to optimize the results. Changes you make on this meta box will override your global All in One SEO settings. If you leave these fields blank, then All in One SEO plugin will use global settings. It will use the default post Title, posts excerpt as description and tags as keywords. I highly recommend filling these fields if you want to maximize the results.

You can also set nofollow and noindex options if you don’t want a specific post or a page to get indexed on search engines.

I hope you that this guide helped you in setting up All in One SEO plugin. If your plugin looks a bit different than the ones in the screenshot. Do not worry we used premium and free version combination screenshots but we only covered the features that premium and free version can be used with. Thanks for reading. For feedback and questions do leave comments.



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