Lock Your Network Signal On 2G,3G,4G or LTE

Lock your phone signal

Lock your phone network

Lock Your Phone Network For Better Speed And Save Battery

I was using my phone on 4G LTE and every evening my phone automatically switched to 2G and 3G Network. In Phone settings option i have no option to chose only 4G because voice call does not work on 4G network. So i was really frustrated as my speed dropped to 100Kbps from 4Mbps. I started researching on internet on how to lock my phone on a single network. I came with this so i decided to share as i know there are many victims like me out there suffering from similar kind of problem. Remember your phone needs to be rooted before doing.

1. Download from playstore. Link -> Advanced Signal Status


Scroll down and click on Additional Info


Click on Phone Information/Device Information


Do you see GSM/CDMA ? It maybe different in your depending upon what network your phone is operating at that moment


Chose network you want to lock your phone on. In my case its LTE

You can Always change back your setting to original so nothing to worry about. Just do not touch anything else unless you know what you are getting into 🙂

Final Words

I personally love this app now. I can save my battery and also surf internet on 4Mbps. Its the best app out there for this sort of thing. I have tried my level best to simply the process with the screenshots. In case you get stuck do not hesitate in contacting me. Thanks for reading if you liked it please share. It will be a lot of help for me.



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