Looking For WhatsApp Alternative ? Here It Is

Whatsapp perfect alternative

WhatsApp Alternative ? Here It Is

Hi guys :). Hope you are having a wonderful day/night. Today i am going to share an excellent WhatsApp alternative. I suppose i should share my story first though :p. I have been looking for WhatsApp alternative for a very long time. I wanted to use WhatsApp on PC and my phone at the same time but it is not possible. Sure we do have tricks to use Whatsapp using BlueStack but we can use one WhatsApp account on one device at a time.

I found a perfect application for all those of you looking for WhatsApp alternative. It may not be as popular as WhatsApp but yes it does everything that WhatsApp does and more.

telegram application

Telegram is awesome in so many ways. It is private, cloud based, secure and much more.

WhatsApp alternativeWhatsApp alternative

Telegram is available on Android, iPad/iPhone, Windows Mobile, Windows 7/8, MAC OS,Linux. The best of all is that we can use one account on multiple device and Yes there is a web version available as well so you can access your Telegram on your Windows. Its awesome !

Get It Now :). This is a instant messaging, messaging app or call it perfect WhatsApp Alternative

Official Telegram

If you are browsing on your phone. I will add direct link for Android/Apple and Windows Phone.

WhatsApp AlternativeWhatsApp Alternative

Final Words

I have been using Telegram for past 5 months and no issues. I think its a perfect WhatsApp alternative. What do you think ? Leave your comments


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