Most Innovative Mobile Application

Most Innovative Mobile Applications

Most Innovative Mobile Applications

Ever wonder in the wonderful world of applications where total combine number of applications on Apple Store and Google Play is approximately 1.6 Million. Which ones are most innovative and stands out of the crowd ? Well,  I was wondering the same did research and came with this article. If interested continue reading. 

Be My Eyes – Lend Your Eyes to the Blind

This has to be the one of the best innovative app I have ever seen.

Be My Eyes is a non profit application. It claims that it’s there to put a difference in the world. One of the best thing is that it’s an open source software.


Be My Eyes is an application that connects blind people with the volunteers around the world who are more than happy to help. It connects through video chat.

How it Works ?

how be my eyes works


be my eyes user interface

Clap to Find

Ever misplace the phone buried under the below or forgot to take out of your pocket when at home ? Ever had to turn your room upside down to find your phone because you kept your phone on silent ? No worries this awesome will help you find your phone just with a clap even if its on silent mode.

Clap few times and your phone will start ringing. No need to go mad just to find your phone.

The ringtones and volume is customizable, comes with widget. Adjustable sensitivity, low battery usage (I know this is Important :p) and also has a flash alert.


Word Lens Acquired by Google

I personally love this. This app translated language using camera and if you are going to a country and not familiar with their language this app might get you through tough times smoothly.

You can use it on news paper, road signs or any other signs in general.

Google has acquired Word Lens so now its available through Google Translate.



Pushbullet has to be one of the awesome application. It integrates or connects your device together. It has pretty cool features. Accept/Decline calls through browser, reply to text messages on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook messenger from one place. No need to fiddle with other devices when you can do it all from one place.

  • Send files to your computer with just one click/touch and vice versa
  • Send files to and from your computer directly to your device



Borrowed money from friends or they borrowed from you but you just keep forgetting ? No worries this app will keep you on track with every penny you owe or your friends owe to you or that someone who never returns the money :p I know some like that

It’s a great application. It does the math for you, it even sends email reminders so you don’t have to bother them via chats let the application bother them :p.

Its free and available via Web or you can install the App on Android or iPhone.


SpinMe Alarm Clock

Can’t wake up on time ? The alarm never works for you no matter how loud or crazy the notification sound is ? No worries this app will definitely wake you up.

The alarm does not stop till you get up on your feet and keep spinning around physically. You can’t try to spin your phone while still in bed and pretend you’re up, the app is smarter than you think. Hehe AI got you there :p

Most innovative Alarm

Thief Tracker

Great application to find out who took/stole your phone. Takes picture of the thief through front cam and send you the picture as well as location of the phone via email. It also has the wipe images option so you can wipe your images of stolen phone remotely. No worries

No Screenshots Here 


Application name itself is very smart. The acronym is If this then that. It connects all application via one simple statement. The below description is taken from the application page.

[quote_box_center]Connect apps like Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, Twitter, and Gmail, as well as devices like Nest Thermostat, Fitbit, and Philips Hue.

Popular ways to use IF:

+ IF you post a photo on Instagram THEN share it on Twitter automatically
+ IF you update your Facebook status THEN post it to Tumblr too
+ IF there’s a new post matching your Craigslist search THEN get an email
+ IF you like a YouTube video THEN share it on Tumblr
+ IF you favorite a tweet THEN save it in Evernote
+ IF you leave home THEN turn down your Nest Thermostat
+ Thousands more Recipes!

More apps you can connect with IF:

Tumblr, Craigslist, Evernote, YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Pocket, LIFX, Square, Best Buy, eBay, Etsy, Automatic, littleBits, Scout Alarm, Misfit, UP by Jawbone, Withings, Reddit, Digg, ESPN, Pushbullet, and over 180 more apps and devices.


Last Words

This list might get updated or changed in the future but I will post a complete different article because these applications deserves a place. I have tried my best to do research on this topic and come up with this list. I might have missed something so post in comment section the name of the most innovation mobile application you think is.


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