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How To Start, Run & Operate Blog: Make It A Business

How To Start, Run & Operate Blog: Make It A Business

There are a lot of people who say blogging won’t work. However, this is not true. Blogging remains a great way to make it a business, build a legacy. Here is how you can start,...
Best WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

Best WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

WhatsApp is definitely the most used messaging app. It is popular on several platforms like Android, iOS, Symbian as well as Java OS. You can communicate with friends and share your favorite videos, images...
Share Blog Posts On Social Networks Automatically

Share Blog Posts On Social Networks Automatically

If you are a blogger or a webmaster you might be already aware of the fact that writing an awesome post and publishing it isn’t enough. You will not get attention unless you promote...
understanding http status codes infographic

Understanding HTTP SEO Codes | Infographic

I have previously written a post explaining what are HTTP status codes but I know some people just do not like reading and they prefer to learn visually. So I am sharing this great...
what are http status codes seo

Guide To HTTP Status Codes

Why Should I know HTTP Status Codes? If you are into blogging or own a website or just curious to learn more about web technologies you should be aware of these codes. These may show...
submit your website to yahoo, bing and google

How To Submit Your Website To Google, Bing & Yahoo|Boost Reach & Traffic

Your website must first gets indexed before getting ranked in search engines. Although search engines are smart and they start crawling your website once it is live. Even though there are a lot of...
how to use google webmaster tools

Use Google Webmaster Tools Effectively For SEO

Google Webmaster Tools Google Webmaster Tools is a must use for every blogger and webmaster, it analyzes your website completely and gives cues to improve visibility of your website in Google search. As the title...
Benefits of SEO Internal Linking

What Is Internal Linking And Its Benefits in SEO | Must Know!

Bloggers and webmasters are always thinking of strategies to increase the value of their website for readers and search engines alike. We all know from day 1 of our blogging career that Content is...
best tools for finding perfect domain name

Tools for Finding Perfect Domain Name

Planning to start a new website ? I have written an article providing tips for finding the perfect domain name "Perfect Domain Name Dilemma" Check out that article and then you can use these...
perfect domain name dilemma

The Perfect Domain Name Dilemma

Thinking of starting up a website. One of the challenging thing you face is probably finding the perfect domain name. Trust me a lot of people have been through this. When you figure out...