Privacy Policy And Terms of Service Generator

privacy policy and terms of service important


In my recent article i talked about why Privacy Policy And Terms of Service is Important, many of you maybe curious of a tool to generate generic privacy policy and terms of condition which will not take your much time and your PP and TOS page content will be a click away. So here i am providing the list of free tools you can use to generate generic PP and TOS. If you are not on WordPress then there are not many tools and i am only aware of one such tool. Of course you can even generate PP for WordPress as well but there are some good plugins that is better for WordPress.

Anyways if you decide not to go with WordPress plugin or you are one of those who is not using WordPress. This tool will do the job SerpRank Privacy Policy Generator.

Now for WordPress guys, there are some awesome plugins available and i personally use the plugin by Clifford Paulick, it’s called Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. It will take 5-10 minutes depending on your speed to get a PP and TOS for your website. If not sure watch the video tutorial below.

However if you are not interested in my suggested plugin then there are variety of ways in which you can generate your own PP and TOS and i will list them here.

That’s All Folks !. If i have missed something do let me know in comments. For feedback and questions either contact me personally or leave a comment.


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