Share Blog Posts On Social Networks Automatically

Share Blog Posts On Social Networks Automatically

Share Blog Posts On Social Networks Automatically
If you are a blogger or a webmaster you might be already aware of the fact that writing an awesome post and publishing it isn’t enough. You will not get attention unless you promote it and today in this age when social network has become an essential part of everyday life, it is indeed the best platform for promoting your post and get attention. There is just one problem!
The problem is you might not have enough time on hand to promote a post or you just don’t want to waste your time promoting a post. Well, good news 🙂 in this post I will show you how to share your posts automatically on social networks like Facebook, G+ etc. I call it the smart way of managing time and promoting post. Let’s jump into it now.

Auto Submission to Multiple Channels:

It is indeed a tedious task to promote post and get maximum attention. Although these techniques will have your hard work minimized. You will learn “how to submit posts without putting too much effort on your end”. Yes it’s automatic and No this will not harm your Google PageRank or reputation of your website/blog.

Share Blog Posts On Social Networks Automatically

Onlywire is a tool for bookmarking your posts up to 30 websites simultaneously. You need to get an account on Onlywire and add your blog/website RSS to your profile.

Onlywire is a freeware but also has paid features. It has a share button for your blog/website and also comes with an extension for browser and WordPress plugin. It shares your post to almost 50 networks and 3 RSS feeds. For most of your use free mode will be enough.

Share Blog Posts On Social Networks AutomaticallyHootsuite

I remember using Hootsuite 2 years ago when I used it for managing my multiple social networks. I could post to all my social network with just one click. Hootsuite does a lot more than sharing your post automatically. You can schedule an update, monitor social analytic and things like that.

You can have separate settings for different social media channels so that your tweets will be different from your Facebook status.

Share Blog Posts On Social Networks AutomaticallySnap Pro

Social Network Auto Poster aka SNAP by NextScripts designed this better than anything. In my opinion Snap Pro is better than Hootsuite if you are really into auto sharing, scheduling and analytics.

Snap Pro allows you to share post on various social networks. The best thing is that it does not matter if you link Snap Pro to 100 Facebook accounts as well as other platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn

Share Blog Posts On Social Networks AutomaticallyJetpack Publicize

If you are into WordPress sphere you have probably heard of Jetpack plugin for WordPress. It is pretty popular as it offer a lot of features in one place. You can think of it like a Backpack which has everything essential you need for a trip. Publicize feature of Jetpack lets you share your WordPress posts automatically to several social networks. Although there is a minor setback and that is when you share your posts through this plugin it shows like “User posted on WordPress” instead of “User posted on”. So, if you are okay with that then go ahead with this.

Share Blog Posts On Social Networks AutomaticallySocial Maximizer

Social Maximizer allows you to share your posts to more than 425 social networks. All at the same time ! . Your posts can get shared to these 425 social networks automatically as soon as you publish. It can bring a good amount of traffic on your website. Think of it as a 1 user from every network which is 425 users on one post.

It can help your blog/website’s SEO as well by giving you a quality backlinks. You can get all of this for a price of $5.

Give Some Take Some

This is not literally auto sharing but it does comes up with automated social shares. There are various sites that are community based. You can share others post and in return you can earn a share of your post. This can be used as automatic share (if you plan well).

Share Blog Posts On Social Networks AutomaticallyTriberr

Triberr is a community based social network for bloggers and webmasters. You can get in touch and build a network of your own that influences your niche. You have to invest as little as 15-20 minutes a week to interact and share posts of your mates. Once you do this, they will notice and start sharing your posts. Triberr is RSS based as well.

Share Blog Posts On Social Networks AutomaticallySocialAdr

Just like Triberr, on this platform as well share others stuff and in return others will share your posts. SocialAdr is based on a point system so one point gets deducted for each share of your own post. You earn points by sharing others people stuff.

Share Blog Posts On Social Networks AutomaticallyViral Content Buzz

Viral Content Buzz is also point based system. You get the point based on the followers you have on your social network. This is an awesome service of getting your posts shared by industry influential.

Share Blog Posts On Social Networks AutomaticallyBuffer

With Buffer you can manually add links and posts to share on social networks. There are a lot of customizations available as well. Buffer is a powerful tool for scheduling a page or post to be shared across different social networks. It’s new scheduler provides improvements and has more customization options.

Share Blog Posts On Social Networks AutomaticallyDo Share (Google Chrome Plugin)

If you use Google Chrome as your default browser then Do Share plugin is a perfect tool to schedule and share your updates on Google Plus.

Share Blog Posts On Social Networks AutomaticallyHootsuite

Hootsuite is a very popular and powerful tool for automatic social sharing. It is user friendly and is much better features than Buffer. You can publish to various channels with just a single click, it also allows automated sharing via RSS feeds. I personally love this feature. It also allows you to promote your posts on multiple social networks.


Get Started

Chose the one you can afford and is power packed. Seriously, there is no point in wasting time on sharing your posts manually on social networks when you can get this all done with tools I have discussed above. Take action now and start getting good traffic and attention.


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