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npm error related to node-sass fix Mac

Fix NPM Error : Permission denied, mkdir related to node-sass (macOS)

I was using two development environment. For VueJS with Webpack Simple including Sass and VueJS with full webpack so after working with the previous when I wanted to develop the later project, I started getting...

Gmail Features Comes To Yahoo and Outlook – Gmailify

Good news, now Google offers the users to "Gmailify" their Yahoo and Outlook accounts. There are still millions of users using these two email service. These two service still lacks a lot of future...
Most Innovative Mobile Applications

Most Innovative Mobile Application

Ever wonder in the wonderful world of applications where total combine number of applications on Apple Store and Google Play is approximately 1.6 Million. Which ones are most innovative and stands out of the...
GTA V Patch Fix

GTA V Patch Fix – Works 100%

Hi guys, If you are having issue with installing the patch and you get the freaking same error over and over again and your download starts again from 0. No worries. I will give...
download video from facebook on phone

How To Download Videos From Facebook On Phone ?

Facebook is nothing new but what has changed is the amount of videos shared on Facebook. Like me, I am sure you have come across several videos that you might want to download directly...
WhatsApp without registration

Use WhatsApp On An Old Number Without Registration

I have been trying to find ways to use my old WhatsApp number (that expired year ago) on a different ROM and it prevented me from installing new ROM or even hard resetting my...
Effectiveness of Online College Courses

Effectiveness of Online College Courses

Every year the number of students enrolling in online colleges and universities are increasing and with that number of misconceptions have emerged questioning the efficiency and effectiveness of online classrooms compared to traditional education....
The Race To One Billion Dollars How Fast Tech Companies Grow

How Fast Tech Companies Grow | Infographic

This infographic is awesome as it shows how fast tech companies grow. It is amazing how they make quick money if they have a strong user base. Some might ask how to they make...
Everything You Need to Know About the Deep Web

Everything You Need to Know About the Deep Web | Infographic

Since Edward Snowden blew the whistle that NSA is gathering information without the consent of privacy, the digiral privacy movement has taken huge strides. I have always known deep down that we are being...
how to transfer domain?

How To Transfer Domain Name ? Step-by-Step

If you are into blogging as a business you might have created multiple accounts to get benefit of discount coupons for purchasing domain but you wish that you could have all the domain in...