The Perfect Domain Name Dilemma

perfect domain name dilemma

domain_name_dilemmaThinking of starting up a website. One of the challenging thing you face is probably finding the perfect domain name. Trust me a lot of people have been through this. When you figure out some perfect name and try registering it you find it its either taken or a premium domain or you have the perfect domain name with unpopular extensions like .biz.I will be mentioning few things that will reduce the challenge of finding or creating the domain.


You are probably starting up with a plan of long term business and for that you surely need to create a brand name that can stand out of the crowd.

So, your domain name should describe or reflect products and services you are going to provide. If you think you this you may end up with keyword in your domain which is great.

Do not waste your time looking for a domain with keywords for your niche. Nowadays exact domain name do not carry the weight as they use to but if you do find a domain name with your keywords and it sounds perfect then go for it but as i mentioned there is no need to worry or give up if you can’t.

Easy To Remember & Short

Take a moment and think of names like Google, WordPress, Yahoo, Facebook – aren’t these great and easy to remember ?

The longer you domain name will be the harder it will be to remember. So for example if i am creating a website for making a passive income and i choose domain

Do you get what i mean ? It’s hard to remember and users will make typos which will result in low traffic and low reach.

You want to make sure that your domain name is easy to type and spell what i mean buy that is if you use xpress instead of express it will be hard for people to remember.

Avoid Hyphens & Numbers or or
Many people will forget to use hyphen and not to mention how confusing it can be. If there is a website People will obviously go to the later domain because it is easier to remember.

Numbers in domain can be confusing as well so avoid it at your best unless it is your brand or brand’s niche.

Top Level Domain (.com .org .edu)

You should find a .com domain before anything else. Try your best and if you fail then look for .net or .org

Avoid Copyright Infringements

This is indeed one of the most important point needs to be remembered when you are finding a domain. Make sure your domain does not conflict  with trademarks or names belonging to other businesses. You should always check it before registering your domain. You can use to check or just use Google The King.

Are you ready ?

If you feel you are ready to register a domain then you can register domain for cheap with Namecheap or GoDaddy. I highly recommend using these services.

Checkout Tools for finding the perfect domain name.

If you think i have missed something please leave comments, for feedbacks and questions do the same. Don’t forget to share this.


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