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website_rankThere can be several factors that might be hurting your website’s rank in google but this one is something not many people have noticed. So i am going to discuss it and offer the solution as well.I am sure you have heard of Image attachment pages well if you haven’t, don’t worry. Image attachment page is a page that is created when you upload an image to a post or page.

This is automatically created by WordPress and unfortunately it cannot be stopped. The problem arises is that these image attachment pages can be indexed by Google.

Ok so what, why this is a problem ?

Well the problem is that Google wants great and quality content, so when it crawls these image attachment pages it identifies these pages as blank because there are no text or maybe just an alt text of the image.

Google will see this as a poor content and will assume that your website is of low quality and your website may end up penalized by Google which will result in poor ranking.

Another problem is when these attachment links are indexed it may appear in search result and if someone clicks on the link they will arrive on this image page with no content obviously they will have nothing to stay and they will leave which will increase your bounce rate in Google and as it increases Google will once again assume your website to be of low quality because no one is staying on your website.

Yes, there is a solution

Create a 301 redirect for all image attachment pages to the post or parent page. What this does is that it notifies Google to update it’s index to the moved page or post. This will result in getting all your image attachment pages removed from Google’s index.

Are you using Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

If you are using Yoast SEO plugin on your wordpress then you just need to configure to solve the issue.

Go to SEO -> Permalinks
Activate “Redirect attachment URL’s to a parent post URL
Voila ! Done

No i am not using Yoast SEO plugin

No worries mate !. There is a plugin  which will redirect attachment image pages to 301 or 302 (Hompage)

First you need to download and Install Attachment Pages Redirect plugin or just go to WordPress dashboard – > Plugins -> Add New
Search for Attachment Pages Redirect.

Activate it and you’re done. This will redirect or your past and future images automatically.

Here’s a tip from me

When you upload images to a page or a post you will notice in the media manager / upload in the right side where you can add descriptions and other information.

Check for “Attachment Display Options” and you will the default selection is to attachment page. Change it to none and after this every image you will upload will retain the setting, no need for plugin then.

image_set_noneAs you an see in the image below you can also set image to a custm URL. Simply include the URL of the post image is on.

You will no longer have unwanted image attachment page indexed in Google.

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