Tools for Finding Perfect Domain Name

best tools for finding perfect domain name


Planning to start a new website ? I have written an article providing tips for finding the perfect domain name “Perfect Domain Name Dilemma” Check out that article and then you can use these tools and come up with a domain name that will suit you. Anyways, here are some tools that you can use to ease your search hopefully.


A very smart tool which can suggest you some domain hacks (extension completes the word) It also shows normal domain names. Suggests short and easy to remember domain names.

Instant Domain Search


One of my favorite tool to brainstorm domain names. It can tell you the suggested domain name as well as the availability of the domain name you typed for at the same time. This can really help you fasten up decision.


Impossibility… I am sure the name gives you some idea about its tool. Impossibility can suggest you domain names related to your desired domain name by adding 4 to 6 letters in your domain which will make sense and still readable and easy to remember. It sure does work well !.

Lean Domain Search


Lean Domain Search can suggest you thousands of domain name related to the one you are looking for. Great tool. If you’re confused about related domain names. Make sure to check this out !.



Dot-o-mator is an excellent website, it suggests site names based on prefixes and suffixes that you have entered. Also you can use a category of prefixes and sufixes to generate relevant site names. It’s a very helpful tool and who knows it can be an inspiration for your site name.

Bust A Name

BustAName uses linguistic data to help you search a domain. The feature I like the most is the ability to save and organize my searches for later use. Domains can be sorted in a variety of ways such as by length or by quality for easier viewing.

The tools can be a bit difficult to use so they have a video tutorial on how to use BustAName.


domaintoolsI have been using their service “Whois” for a long time now. If you are curious Whois search reveals the records about the party who registered the domain. Domain Tools has variety of domain name search engines. “Suggestions” helps you to find a similar domain name that you have typed in. Their simple Domain Search can show you top level domain names availability along with domain names that are for sale or at auction.


Domize search engine is fast and Ajax based. It quickly checks up the availability of domain. They also have a widget that you can install on your blog or a website to provide domain search for your visitors.

Domize has an iPhone app as well. Obviously that bulb above your head can light up anytime and if you have the app handy you can quickly check it up.


Just like Domize SQUURL has also Ajax based search engine. Its suggestions feature can help you find similar domains that you typed in.


DomainsBot has an advanced search engine feature that can help you get more customized and refined search. You can set the length of the domain names from the search result or exclude domain names with special characters. There are more features. Go check it out.


StuckDomains is a database of expired domains that was owned previously but not renewed.


Nameboy is one of the popular domain name generator. Nameboy tool asks the user to enter Primary and secondary word that describe the topic of your website, based on your input it suggests domain names.


As I discussed earlier in The Perfect Name Dilemma that it’s a good keep domain names as short as possible so that it easy to remember and type. The speciality of is that it helps you find 4-letter domain names.



If you are still confused head over to my article Perfect Domain Name Dilemma. It can very well provide me some tried and tested tips which may help you get over this dilemma of domain name.

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