Use Facebook Inbox Without Facebook Messenger

use facebook inbox without messenger


Facebook has been forcing users to install its app Messenger in order to use inbox messaging. This hasn’t gone down well with some users. Facebook messenger uses up a lot of RAM and not everyone is using messenger for calls.

Although the messenger application is not all bad, but if you want to go back to old ways then the Chat Re-Enabler from AntaresOne is the one for you.

Facebook Chat Re-Enabler simply re-enables the old chat option in Facebook application. It is surprizing that Facebook has not yet removed the functionality from the app they have just disabled it.
If you want to go back to old way then uninstall Facebook Messenger and install Facebook Chat-Re-Enabler. After installation you can simply use messaging from Facebook app like old days.

Chat Re-Enabler has been confirmed to work with the these Facebook versions: (and any version before) (latest Play Store version)
The bad news is Facebook may remove the functionality completely in future updates but in the meantime you can  use Facebook like old days.
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