Use Google Webmaster Tools Effectively For SEO

how to use google webmaster tools
google webmaster toolsGoogle Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a must use for every blogger and webmaster, it analyzes your website completely and gives cues to improve visibility of your website in Google search. As the title suggests, this post will guide you to use Google Webmaster Tools efficiently.

Adding and Verifying Your Website

  1. Sign In on Google Webmaster Tools using your Gmail Id.
  2. Click on “Add A Site” and enter your website URL. Now Google will ask you to verify the website. (This is Important !)
  3. Choose “HTML File Upload”. If you want you can chose alternate methods but i recommend using HTML File Upload.
    how to use google webmaster tools
  4. Download HTML Verification file.
  5. Upload the downloaded HTML file to your website’s folder. Usually it’s /public_html (I recommend using FileZilla for uploading)
  6. Once uploaded, go ahead and click on Verify. After verification it will take you to Webmaster Tools.

Submitting your Sitemap

It is important that you submit your sitemap to Google because it helps Google indexing your website pages. There are various ways of creating a sitemap, but if you are on WordPress use Google Sitemap Generator and submit your sitemap in dashboard.

If you are not on WordPress you can use these services to create Sitemap

XML Sitemap GeneratorXML-Sitemaps

Search Appearance

how to use google webmaster toolsYou will see a tool on the left side “Search Appearance”. It illustrates how website will look in search engine. Click on i and a window will pop up which will give you a visual example of how your website will look in search result.

Search Traffic

Search Traffic sections shows you top queries and top pages of your site by traffic. It also shows you the number of backlinks, internal links and who is links to your site the most.

Google Index

You can check the index status of your website. It shows the number of pages and URL’s indexed, also analyzes the content keywords of your website and its significance.

Crawl Errors & Stats

You can see the stats of server connection, robox.txt and DNS and if there are some errors. Crawls stats shows the number of pages crawled per day, crawling starts only after you submitted your sitemap.

Hope this helped you get to know how to use Google Webmaster Tools effectively.

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