What is Google ? A Complete Guide

What is google ?

What is google ?What is Google ?

Have you been wondering “what is google ?” “how did google started ?” “what is the importance of google” or “why is it so popular” Well, you have come to the right place. Here we will reveal to you exactly what google is, why is it so popular and so on. This article will provide you with an awesome amount of information and guess what it is not that hard to know the answer to these questions :). So, let’s get started.

Google is the top search engine on this planet and is one of the five most popular website in the world. Google has become a multi-billionaire industry and most of the profit comes from AdWords. Google is a search engine which helps you find other websites or resources that you are specifically looking for. Google’s web search is based on keyword searches, backlinks, pageranks.

Now this words may not be making any sense to you but we will explain it briefly in a moment. For in-depth understanding of these words click on those words and it will take you to the article which explains those words extensively. Anyways, for example let’s take the word “cheapest mobile phone”


What is google ?


When we use the search term “cheapest mobile phone”. Google will search the internet and matches the term with the websites and then comes up with best possible searches based on Backlinks,Keywords, PageRank. In Simple words i can put it like this, more traffic = better PageRank = shows up on front page of the search and top websites.

Google also specialize searches through blogs, video, images, news and more as you can see in the example screenshot above. There are a lot of technical information on how Google Search works so for now we will stick to answering “what is google”.

Now other then Google search. Google has many other services which includes popular website Youtube. These other services or Google products as Google like to call them are Google Chrome, Google Bookmarks, Google Maps, Google Earth, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Form, Google+. Blogger, Google Hangout and many more.

Head over to this link to see the list of services they have to offer Google Products.

Briefly, Google provides internet services that let you send email, store and share doucments, chat, social networking, organzation tools, webmaster tools, services for mobile devices and even branded merchandise.

Heard of Android, yes it is a product of Google as well. Let’s move on to some intriguing questions now.

How Google Started ?

The idea was fueled by the search engine “Backrub” which was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they collaborated at Stanford University. The name “Backrub” came from this search engine’s use of Backlinks to determine page relevance. This is now a patented algorithm known as PageRank.

How Google Makes Money ?

Most services/products Google offers are free and user does not have to spend a single penny to use them. Google makes money by text/display advertisement links.

As i mentioned earlier that most profit comes from Adwords though Google has also started selling some subscription services such as Google Adsense Premium, Google Earth Plus and Google Earth Pro. Google also makes money through selling enterprise tools, servers and search technologies for corporations.

Google Web Search

Google’s most powerful and popular is the web search. Google provides relevant search results with a simple, elegant and clean interface. Google is the largest popular web search in the world.

Advanced Search System

In recent years Google has expanded their search  beyond  simply finding websites based on keywords. You can use Google Book Search to search within printed books, search news items with Google News, search for specific video files with Google Video or search products for purchase.

Mobile Platforms

Google has released Android for mobile devices and Google Chromium for laptops. Android users has been increasing significantly and is becoming popular among many top companies for their business.

Controversial Behavior

In order to maintain a worldwide presence,  Google had to pull or filter keywords and websites for web searches in some countries such as China, France, or even the United States. This has led to charges of corporate censorship, but Google still maintains that they filtered results only to comply with the law.

Final Words

I hope you have enjoyed this article on “What is Google  ?”. You will find more articles on Google services here. I will keep updating the links. If you liked this article. Please comment and share on social networks.


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