What Is Internal Linking And Its Benefits in SEO | Must Know!

Benefits of SEO Internal Linking


Bloggers and webmasters are always thinking of strategies to increase the value of their website for readers and search engines alike. We all know from day 1 of our blogging career that Content is King, unique and regular content is the key to get ranked well in search engines. Search Engine Optimization also plays a very important role in increasing the value of the website/blog.

You must use Internal Linking to drive traffic and contribute equal value to your other posts or pages. If you have no idea what i am talking about then do not worry because this post is suitable for beginners as well as advanced or experience bloggers.

What is Internal Linking ?
Hyperlink pointing from one post to another within the page of the same domain in such a way that is relevant to the content, which in turn increases the usability of users.

For example; Suppose i create a new post about High Paying PPC/CPC Networks on website and from there i am linking to another post that is about Guide to Google AdSense.

Image below illustrates how it actually works.

Benefits of Internal Linking

Here are the benefits and after reading this you should probably start using Internal Linking.

1. Reduces Bounce Rate
What is Bounce Rate ?

The percentage of visitors to a particular website who leaves the site after viewing only one page.

decrease bounce rate of websiteSo, now you know the definition of bounce rate you should know that lower your website’s bounce rate is the longer people are staying surfing within your website, if you have linked related posts. These related posts that are linked within your content forces the user to stay longer if they are looking for more information or just being curios.

You can check your website’s bounce rate on Google Analytics.

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2. User Friendly

user friendly internal linking seoInternal linking is user friendly and it helps the user to easily navigate to the most relevant pages that they are interested in if you link the article with proper anchor text. See what I did above. I was bounce rate so I just added a link on how to use Google webmaster to checkout bounce rate.

3. Increases Page Views

page views internal linking seoI mentioned that using proper anchor texts within page or content helps user to find more related articles that are useful to them. This also helps in increasing your site conversion rate. Especially new visitors they tend to bounce (leave site) if they do not find anything related information they are looking for. Keep in mind Google keeps an eye on each and every visitor of your website so if they see user is staying longer on your site they will think that your website has quality content which will also improve your rank in Google.

4. Increases PageRank

benefits of internal linking seo
Wondering how is that possible? Its dead simple !. A page on your website with higher PageRank passes the juice to other pages which are internally linked. This makes your other page gets ranked better because of the link flow that is passed on from the page that is higher ranked. It will also help you get organic search traffic.

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5. Better Crawling & Indexing

benefits of internal linking for seoAs the name suggests, crawlers actually crawls through your website and pass through all the links and pages, this makes pages get indexed. Crawlers are smart and they know that you are pointing to other related contents within your website which increases the value of other pages as well.


Internal links and external links both should be given equal importance. Both are important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) . Backlinks (External links) are off page/site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which gives your page authority from external source. While Internal links helps passing the juice from higher PageRank content to other pages within your website.

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I have written this article in a way which is helpful for a beginner as well as experienced user. Hope this article helped you understand what is internal linking and how it benefits your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

For feedbacks and questions leave comments. I’ll be happy to help. Tip me by sharing the article.


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