What is PageRank ? How Should I Use It ?

What is Google PageRank ?

What is Google PageRank ?

What is PageRank and How Should I Use It?

Want to know What is Google?

What is PageRank?

It’s an algorithm by Google or an automatic ranking system that Google uses to determine the value or importance of a web page in their search engine results although many webmasters will tell you that PageRank is only one piece of the puzzle. Besides PageRank, keywords density and placement have taken a larger role in website ranking. Don’t get me wrong. PageRank has not become irrelevant as of yet and no one will argue with that otherwise.

PageRank Brief History

Before Google PageRank development the search engines linked to web pages that had the highest number of keywords which basically meant that people could fool the system by repeating the same phrase over and over again to attract higher search result. Larry Page and Sergey Brin who are the founder of Google developed PageRank when they were at Stanford University. PageRank algorithm is patented by Stanford.


How PageRank Works?

PageRank measure’s the value or importance of a web page.

The theory is that web pages with most links leading towards them are the most important pages. In simple words, think of link as a vote so the web pages with most votes are the most important web pages. (Did I make it any easier there !)

This makes sense doesn’t it? If people like a web page they will link towards it because of its resources or quality of information and it can be for many other reasons. PageRank also looks at the importance of the page that contains the link. Web Pages with higher PageRank will be considered better with their links than pages with Lower Rank.

So in conclusion it makes sense because web pages that are important are probably better in leading audience to better resources. And these pages with higher PageRank, when they link towards another web page, it will be automatically considered valuable given that web page with higher PageRank will certainly not link towards a poor website.


Is Page Rank Important?

PageRank can have significant impact on your website and Google rankings and it is one of the important factor out of many that determines where your web page appears in search result. That’s is where seo or search engine optimization comes into play as it helps your web page to get ranked in Google. We will look further into this in our next article.


PageRank Is Only One Factor

As I mentioned earlier that PageRank is not dominant component of website/web page ranking on Google. Other factors including keyword density in webpage content, title and even the URL play a significant role in Page ranking.


Are There Any Flaws in PageRank?

There are flaws in every system speically now when people know the secret of getting their web page obtain higher rank. Data can be manipulated and that’s what people have done. “Link Farming” is one of the method that people attempt to manipulate data. Link Farming is basically the practice of linking without any relevance of the pages being linked. If you ever see a web page with a lot of links but nothing you have basically run into “Link Farming”.

Google has adapted to filter off possible link farms. This is one of the reason why you should not submit your website to directories with low or no PageRank. If you find your website linked in a link farm, don’t panic. In most cases this has no effect at all on your ranking. But do not submit intentionally and do not link back to Link farm.


How to Check Google PageRank ?

PageRank is measured on a scale of 0 (no presense/rank) to 10, 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. To see the PageRank of a page, use Google webmaster tools or Google Toolbar.

If you don’t want to install toolbar you can use PRlookup.com or PRChecker.net. If you use Google Chrome i will suggest you using.


How Can I Increase My PageRank?

If you would like to increase your PageRank then write quality content on your website, use popular keywords with low competition, trade links with other people (make sure not with low page ranked website) and also make sure that your trade links are relevant. You can use Quora discussion form as well to promote your website answering relevant questions. You also need to have back-links from reputed websites. But the best way to increase PageRank is quality content. If its good others will link to your website even if you don’t do them.

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Bottom Line

I want to emphasize again that PageRank is Important but it certainly is not worth obsessing over, as I did mention that there are many other factors involved in website ranking so you should take a message that these other elements should also be given equal consideration. Remember, if you build a good website with Quality content you will still be able to drive traffic and in return the ranking will come with it.

Final Words

I hope you have enjoyed the article and has also gained some knowledge. If you think i have done a good job in explaining do share this article and if you think i have done a bad job i am open to correction, suggestion. Please leave a comment, I really want to connect to my readers. Thanks for reading  !


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