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why wordpress is better than blogger


WordPress is Better Than Blogger ?

Thinking of starting a website or blog? I guess the question you should be asking now which platform is better wordpress or blogger, well smile you are not the first person who ran into this confusion.I started building websites in early 2007. Obviously i started out with free option and that was blogger (yes it has always been free !) But later on i moved to WordPress and never looked back again. So the first thing i want to tell you is that if you are not ready to make an investment in starting a website or blog just yet then go with blogger and forget about WordPress (free) because it is easy to use and best in the business if you are thinking of a free option although there are many benefits of a self hosted website/blog if you are interested keep on reading !. For those who are prepared to spend money in starting out then find out why WordPress is better than Blogger.

Self-Hosted Website : “act of having your website totally under your control. This can include you managing all whole aspects of it, from setting up the web server to installing software”

Why WordPress and Not Blogger ?

WordPress self hosted website is way more powerful and it truly gives you complete control of your website/blog. WordPress plugins and themes are one thing that makes your website/blog stands out of the crowd. I personally love WordPress and i advice WordPress platform even for the professional company website.


Complete Control of Your Website/Blog

Blogger is owned by Google and one problem a lot of bloggers has faced this in the past is that Google may delete your blog without even issuing any warning. If spammers flash your blog as spam there are high chances that you may end up losing your blog.


SEO Friendly

You have so much control over SEO of your blog/website with WordPress. This level of freedom is not offered by Blogger platform. You also have the freedom of using powerful SEO plugins that can seriously optimize your blog/website,


Plugins, Themes & Support

WordPress has amazing amount of plugins and chances are you can find plugin for almost anything you are trying to do on your blog. No code editing like that of wordpress, copy pasting stuff.

Support is par excellence on WordPress community. There are just so many people to help you. You can post any query on the community forum and someone might end up giving you custom codes to extend capability of your blog/website.

Themes are one thing that makes any website/blog stand out and as far as WordPress themes are concerned there is just no competition with blogger.


 Website cum Blog or Just a Website ?

WordPress offers a choice of a static page which gives you the power of building a professional website. Whether you are a corporate or a hosting service or online education. There is just so many possibilities. You will be surprized to know how many professional websites are actually running on wordpress platform.

Final Thoughts

I truly admire the WordPress community for making WordPress what it is. If you come so far to read this article. You are ready to start with WordPress. Take my word you will not regret it. There are other powerful platforms like Joomla and Drupal but if you are a beginner or one who is looking for easy yet powerful solution just stick to wordpress. I have used all the other platforms but i just keep coming back to WordPress. I have several years of experience now so feel free to ask any question regarding WordPress.
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