WordPress SEO | Is It Important ?


Wordpress SEOWordPress SEO | Is It Important ?

Hi guys. today I am going to talk about What is the importance of SEO on WordPress Blog/Website. I have been building websites for past 5 years and i have seen so many things change in search engine optimization specially after Google decided to combat the spam websites.

By definition SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique or the process that is used to increase website or a web page visibility in a search engine’s result.

I started building websites in 2007. First time i tried WordPress i was amazed although I didn’t know much about SEO or WordPress for that matter. Within 6 month i was able to rank my website on alexa under 20,000 and my website was booming with traffic but it was a matter of time until everything started falling apart. With no knowledge of keyword research or SEO on my hand i had no idea what was happening. I started researching and taught myself SEO.

From all my experience i can tell you SEO is very important if you want to get ranked in search engine and get traffic on your website. Even major businesses invest in SEO in order to get attention from potential buyers online. 

SEO is very important aspect for you no matter what blog or website you are running. After all you want user base who will read your blog or website. Yes the content is very important but in order to draw people to your website you must work on SEO in the beginning and once you have the user base, Search Engine will do the job for you without you even worrying about it.

You will find so many articles on SEO that i have shared or written to help. In coming days i will post a lot of vital information on SEO. I will be posting on how to optimize your wordpress for seo as well. Stay tuned.


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